Races and Species Edit

The Abyss is "home" to many different kinds of species, including the Elvenheims who were once living in the Red Zone.

The humans are incredible feeble compared to the races in the Abyss. The fact that they had survived in the Abyss for 50 years with such a feeble body was almost a miracle. Besides the physical aspects, there are many areas in which humans lack in comparison to the other races in the Abyss.

There isn't a single race in the Abyss who are weaker than humans.

Dragons and Devils are among the Overlords of the Abyss.

Dragons are the most well balanced existences. Among the Dragon Race there is the Golden Dragon race that were the owners of the Erkanian’s Time Space Crystal. The strongest dragon Kang Hansoo has seen is the Demonic Dragon, dragons that have chosen the path of the demon, the most twisted being. Humanity would rather take a 3 year detour through Ruler-class beings territory than fight a Demonic Dragon. Killing a Red-runes version of it allowed Kang Hansoo to gain the Zero Numbering Skill Demonic Dragon Reinforcement.

Species and races who are members of the Demon Race must uphold promises that are swore in the name of their king. If the promise is not upheld, one's entire race will get dragged into the hell-fire furnace and get burnt for sullying the Demon King's name.

The Kakilas have a fertility rate that is ten thousand times higher than the humans.

The Repron race are able to share the same experience and feelings with each other and work together.

The Detuels, a crustacean race, are able to lay 2000 eggs at a time who are able to grow into adults in only 4 days. They will kill and raid an enemy's entire land if even one of them is killed.

The Dekuroma, weaker lower tier devils who that lived on the upper regions of the Abyss, was a race that was extremely aggressive and loved to tear apart and gobble up other lifeforms. Some of their souls were transferred to the Orange Zone where they became the 8 winged steel Tiradus and wrecked havoc in the past.

The Karkils are creatures that descend in the Orange Zone. They have 3 hearts located 15cm below their left chest bone. They can only be killed if all 3 hearts are destroyed at the same time. If not then they will create an explosion in a 150m radius that will kill everyone who has weaker defenses than someone at the Orange Zone with lower than 55% mastery of a high grade defense skill.

The Dakramas are the most dangerous beings that will descend in the Green Zone. They usually use supersonic waves to communicate.

The Dark Cloud, beings a part of the Devil race who can take over living and nonliving beings using the Dark Cloud they possess. When a Dark cloud takes over another being it gains its power and reconstructs the host to be even stronger. The only way to hurt this race is to attack the cloud above the host and once the cloud is gone, destroy the host's body. The body would quickly regenerate no matter how much it was attacked as long as no damage was given to the black cloud. The Dark Cloud won't go after living things since they have a powerful defensive instinct unless the Dark Cloud is strong enough. The king of the Dark Cloud is called Barbatoy.

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