The Ains are an intelligent race who live in the Green Zone. They specialize in blessings and curses.

Appearance and Biology Edit

The Ains are humanoid beings with bodies translucent like lingering smoke. Their physical bodies can't maintain their corporeal shape and consist of a translucent shadow-like form, like enveloping a shadow with smoke. They are incredibly hard to distinguish from each other, only allowing others to barely distinguish between females and males.

They were born with the right to control the spirits and elements. They have their own language that much be painstakingly learned.

Abilities and Technology Edit

The Ains are an incredibly powerful race who struck fear to the Kingdoms and Empires of the Green Zone. While sealed, their strength is around the max level for players: 250. When unsealed, their strength shoots up to near level 300, half of their total strength. Their entire strength is unleashed once in the Spirit Lands.

Upon killing an Ain, a strange aura came out of their body and surrounded those who assisted in killing them. The Ain will leave behind a line of curse that will imprint a small symbol on the killer's wrist. This symbol says that the person has received the <Curse of the Ains>. The curse helps the Ains distinguish those who have killed members of the Ains race and those who haven't. Only those who don't have the curse can receive the Ains' blessing.

The Ains can grant a person a blessing which grants them the ability to partly use the powers of the spirits and elements. This blessing protects one from getting their bodies destroyed and melting from the power of the spirits. It does not give them the ability to handle the strength of the spirits. A person can absorb the tremendous amount of strength a spirit contains, including the powers from a Spirit Stone. Doing so without first going to the Spirit Lands will cause the person's body filled with the Spirits' energy to explode and cause damage to selected enemies while ignoring allies.

Hierarchy Edit

The Ains are a race who have the protection of the <Spirits>. An Ain who has the protection of the <Great Spirit> is called a Prophet who is given the ability to see the future and given the role of leading their race.

Known Ains Edit


History and Fall Edit

Nearly a thousand year ago, the Ains and the humans of the Green Zone warred against each other. The Empires emerged victorious from the <Great Massacre>. The Empires used one of their 3 godly treasures, God's Flail, to sacrificed the souls of 66,666 humans in order to power the flail. The flail was then used as a core to power the Great Seal which seals the Ains within the <Great Maze of the Ains>.

Before the Ains were sealed, they left behind a powerful curse. If the minor seal is broken in the 1st floor of the maze, the maze will weaken any and all of the humans who belong to the empires and kingdoms.

Years passed until the Green Zone became a host planet for a virtual reality game called Exodus, a game created by God for humans living in another world. These humans operate avatars which are then transported to the Green Zone to play the game. The inhabitants of the Green Zone call these humans "players" or "immortals" due to their ability to revive. Before the 5th patch of Exodus, players were not able to meet the Ains race. Once the racial quest <Forgotten race, Ain's traces> was completed, the 5th patch occurred which opened up the <Great Maze of the Ains>. Players were finally able to interact with the Ains who have been sealed inside... and kill them for protection elixirs to use in the Spirit Lands.

Ain-Human Relation Edit


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