The Mad Monarch who caused several million humans to die in the first timeline.

Bio Edit

A 2nd year adventurer who created the Ceasefire villages in the Yellow Zone. Her true name is first mentioned in the Yellow Zone. She is also known as the Mad Monarch (KR: Kwang Goonju)

Clementine desires to be a king with the most power under her. To do this, she secretly tries to change and put restrictions on zones, so that people coming up from below won't be more powerful than her. She is also filtering and choosing which people will go up to higher zones and it is presumed that she is only allowing those who are loyal to her. In the Yellow Zone, she has left behind Metiron to look over the zone. Metiron is bound to her right hand, Taehee, who has the trait Fragments of Seven Souls.

She is currently in the Purple Zone and doesn't know about the Abyss. She is currently faking weakness in the Purple Zone. She is the reason for the civil war between humans, and she is the Mad Monarch that Keldian wants Hansoo to kill..

Past (common to both timelines) Edit

She killed everyone in the tutorial with her, and so was forced to face the altar beast alone and killed it. In this way she obtained the Ring of the Vampire King Nurmaha, Solo ranking <9>.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Clementine was strong enough to kill the Altar beast alone after everyone around her died in the Tutorial. Although she was left half dead at the end, she was able to obtain the Solo Numbering 9 Artifact Nurmaha's Ring.

Traits Edit

  • Lord
  • Unnamed battle trait that allowed her to defeat the Altar Beast.

Skills Edit

Artifacts Edit

Subordinates Edit

Clementine has 8 elite subordinates called Dark Lords. Her Right Hand, Taehee, has the Solo Numbering 4, 5 and Double Numbering 11 skill at her disposal.

  • Taehee - Has the Fragments of Seven Souls trait that allows her to control 7 others for Clementine.
  • Metiron - Under the control of Taehee. Dark Lord of Yellow Zone.
  • Jang Oh - Under the control of Taehee. Dark Lord of Green Zone.

It is implied they all have the <Lord> trait since they are called Dark Lords. It is assumed that Clementine is using her Sovereign (Lord) trait to control Taehee. Taehee in turn has the <Fragments of Seven Souls> trait, which can control 7 Lords. Those Lords control more people under them. In this way, Clementine is able to control Lords and a much larger amount of people than any other Lords.

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