A very powerful Zero Numbering reinforcement skill.

Description Edit

Demonic Dragon Reinforcement is a top-grade Reinforcement skill. Reinforcement skills have 3 aspects: Amplification, density of magic force, and special ability. Amplification reinforces a person's stats. Density of magic force reinforces the durability and sharpness of an artifact. Special skill can increase the first two attributes and provide an ability to the user.

When used, golden and dark light surrounds the user. The light can protect the user from the environment such as toxic water and lava as well as brighten dark areas. The magic force of the skill can also be molded into any shape a person wants by using mana.

Demonic Dragon Reinforcement can reinforce the user, runes, and regeneration as well as recover the silver liquid from the <Body Enhancement Surgery>. The light of the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement can reinforce artifacts as well by spreading the light onto it.

It was obtained after Kang Hansoo defeated a weakened Red-Runes Demonic Dragon in the secret final dungeon, a dungeon that forces a person to fight the strongest being they have ever seen, alone. The dungeon was located at the very end of the Tutorial.

Hansoo has mastered the skill up to 43.5% when he reached the Yellow Zone.

Hansoo has mastered the skill up to 61.5% when he reached the Green Zone.

Abilities Edit

Hansoo is able to use the special ability, <Racial Metamorphosis>, due to the combination of the skill itself and the Seven Stars trait. <Racial Metamorphosis> gives the user the abilities of a Demonic Dragon, giving the user enormous physical abilities, extra regeneration speed, the bones of a dragon, the scales of a dragon, and 3 hearts allowing the user to be near unkillable. It can help the user detoxifying poison effects and resist poison. <Racial Metamorphosis> puts extreme strain on the body so cooldown is needed to generate 3 hearts else the user will only have 2 hearts the next time the special ability is used.

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