Description Edit

A <trait> that allows a person (master soul) to break off a small piece of his soul and place it into another person (slave soul). This can be done up to 7 persons. The trait allows the master soul to control the 7 slave souls. It also allows the slave soul to borrow the skills of the master soul up to the mastery of the master soul. This allows the 7 slave souls to get strong in an instant up to the power of the master soul. It could transfer memories, information, skills, traits and battle experience as much as the user wanted to other people.

It is also the only known trait that works between zones and thus allows communication between zones.

Known Users Edit

  • Kang Hansoo - Received this trait from the First Gate of the secret dungeon in the Tutorial. This is his second trait.
  • Taehee - Assistant to Clementine

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