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A very powerful Solo Numbering Skill. Rank 1

Description Edit

The strongest skill known to humanity. It is a skill which Kim Kangtae, the strongest human, uses. Kangtae trusted this skill to constantly heal him and fought like a mad warrior in the front for as long as he didn't die.

This skill is famous on its own but was made to be considered the Number 1 skill known to humanity due to Kim Kangtae's exploits.

It is a skill that synergies well with Kang Hansoo's Zero Numbering skill, Demonic Dragon Reinforcement. It also synergies well with Hansoo's fighting style.

Abilities Edit

Immortal Soul turns the user's body close to an immortal's. It allows one to fight like a "Mad Immortal" in the battlefield with no worry about injuries or stamina due to the extreme regeneration granted by the skill.

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