Jang Oh, a Dark General in charge of the Green Zone.

Bio Edit

Jang Oh was Kang Hansoo's mentor, protector, and friend in the first timeline. He saved Hansoo back then when Hansoo was about to be killed somewhere in the Green Zone.

Jang Oh becomes one of Clementine's Dark Generals through the use of Shin Taehee's Fragments of Seven Souls trait. And although he swims in a sea of guilt through sacrificing many of the people who came up, he withstood the clashing waves thanks to the smiles of those who passed through safely in the Green Zone due to him.

He faces off against Hansoo in the Green Zone. After losing, his body is taken over by Shin Taehee who proceeds to once again battle against Hansoo before losing and retreating.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Jang Oh is one of the first and few people to gain the Ain's Blessing and power of the Spirits. In the first timeline, he was able to get a hold of God's Flail, one of the three Godly weapons. In the 2nd timeline, he uses Arham's Shield, another of the three Godly weapons.

Jang Oh was able to tame and use Dark Spirits to surround an integrates himself with shadows which lets him hide his body, skills, and weapons, making it difficult for people to respond to his attacks. He cuts the enemy's vision and attacks from the shadows. Endlessly.

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