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The main character.

One of the 4 last existing human in the last incarnation, part of the 100 strongest human, the Final Brigade. He was in a party with Eres ValentineKeldian Magus and Kim Kangtae in the Abyss.

He went back to the past in order to change humanity’s fate. He’s limited to seven skills by his trait Seven Stars but can grow them far beyond their original potential, allowing him to reach Eres and the others despite starting 20 years later. He’s a loner and finds it troublesome to deal with people.

Past Incarnation Edit

Kang Hansoo barely survived the Tutorial and was average during that time period. He noticed his trait after getting his first skill, but still filled his skill slots with low-quality skills as he was forced to do that to survive. Despite that, in the end he grew to be extremely fearsome.

As someone with the behavior of a loner he became close to few people. In the Red Zone he met with Sofía Vargera who was then at the top of the Red Zone. They stayed in there for two years before going up to the Orange Zone, and Sofía acted as his teacher.

In the end, after reaching the Abyss, Hansoo became an Executioner, killing Clan Lords with too much power and who were endangering the Humans as a whole.

He was elected by his other three friends as the one who was most likely to change the future if he went back in time.

However, he started 20 years after they did yet he stood shoulder to shoulder with them. If he had bloomed his unique potential a little earlier, no, 5 years earlier, then they wouldn’t have been pushed back this far.

Past Incarnation Skills Edit

Name Description
Dororo Lizzard's Essence Gave incredibly fast regeneration and once fully evolved by the "Seven Stars" became comparable to immortal techniques.
Ganglion’s Fast Charge Effects unknown. Upgraded to the point of Keldian’s Void Ripper
Anon’s Vampire Bat Effects unknown. Upgraded to the point where it got as strong as Blood Magic.

Current Incarnation Edit

Kang Hansoo went back in time to the beginning of the Tutorial, with all the knowledge from the future that he painstakingly learned.

Personality Edit

Kang Hansoo possesses a very calm and serene personality. He calculates the best course of options giving with the current situation, helped by information in his previous incarnation. He has his own rules and guidelines based on previous rules of the Human Race. For those that follow him, he will allow them to follow if they prove they are trustworthy, and punish those that cross the line or threaten the pace for which he has to complete his mission. Due to knowledge of the impending future, he put himself in the forefront of the action.

One of Hansoo's hobbies is cooking since it was one of the things that made the tongue happy as well as being one of the small moments of happiness in the Abyss. It is one of the basics in order to survive within the Abyss where the Moon came up.

He is incredibly shameful of his weak past.

Think about when you first met me in the past. You weren’t that strong from the start either.
~ Eres Valentine

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Sky Road Edit

**Summary so far

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hansoo fights in a way where he dodges fatal wounds. He avoids all the big injuries that would be of harm during a fight and makes sure not to get injured on his joints and muscles. If he cannot avoid an attack, he will make it so that the attack will land on a part of his body that wouldn't hinder him in a bit, even if his skin were to be all scratched off. When using the <Racial Metamorphosis> of the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement skill, Hansoo will sacrifice a heart if it allows him to land a killing blow to his enemy.

Hansoo has excellent mana control. His control over mana is comparable to Tekilon's clone, a clone who had the experience of using mana for several hundreds of years. Mana was fair to everyone despite one's skill. With Hansoo's control over distributing mana, he wouldn't collapse from lack of mana even from using high-level skills which require a tremendous amount of mana to fit their might. Hansoo was able to use his control over mana to create a lesser version of his destructive Nine Dragons Spear skill.

Hansoo has the knowledge and ability to forcibly fix the parts of his body with his hands and brute strength. He's able to release twisted muscles and refit bones and joints. He can massage the veins and use pressure to reconfigure his spine. Hansoo also has greater regeneration abilities than most others due to the Body Enhancement Surgery, Demonic Dragon Reinforcement and Racial Metamorphosis, Dragon Essence Blade, and the Mana Jade.

Traits Edit

  • Seven Stars (4/7) - Limits him to seven skills but he can grow them far faster and beyond their normal limits
  • Fragments of Seven Souls (3/7) - Can impart his abilities to seven different people, and have some control over them. The people so far are:
    1. Alpha (Tekilon's Clone) - Rules the Red Zone
    2. Kim Gwanje - Rules the Orange Zone
    3. Khan - Rules the Yellow Zone
  • Battle Foresight - Not a trait or skill, but rather an ability developed from experience. Able to read the enemy and knowing their next move during battle. At chapter 223 it is said that his battle senses are so great that when he fights, he can make his perception of time stop by using mana. This allows him to think and make decisions a lot quicker.

Skills Edit

Artifacts Edit

Runes Edit

  • Strength - (Green) 99.9%
  • Stamina - (Green) 99.9%
  • Agility - (Green) 99.9%
  • Perception - (Green) 99.9%
  • Mana - (Green) 99.9%
  • Magic - (Green) 99.9%
  • Physical Resistance - (Green) 99.9%
  • Magical Resistance - (Green) 99.9%

Last Update from chapter 293

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