===4 survivors, 50 years===


Eres_________________Pre-leader girl

Kangtae______________rune eater, bright eyed lucky guy

Keldian_______________Smart guy, alchemist (killed 100 people first night)

Rahiman______________Tought Mc alchemy

Enbi_________________Prizon Syco girl

Kwang Goonju__________Insane guy faught Tutorial monster

Erviang’s race,__________who were space-time travelers

Clementine____________Founder of Oasis, "Mad Monarch"/"Light Monarch" led humanity to distruction

Jang Oh______________Original Owner of the Flail, Green Zone legend

===Tutorial=== (100 people >>> 47 People)==========================Edit

Sangjin_______________guy going on train (cleaner)__________<Shadow Technique>

Taesung_____________Tutorial, guy tryed to gather people,_____<Ekrool Troll Tribe’s Essence>__==dead

Jisun_______________girl going on train

Gangtae____________ Jisun's boyfriend

Sunmi______________girl (bit of a bitch)

Mihee______________the beauty of the group______________[Barb snake’s shockwave], [Rotating Ring]

Giltae_______________Leader of small mob

Suyeol_____________ Strongish guy, dumb________________==dead

===<Sky Road>=== (Population 10,000)

Daechul____________guy talking at start of 2nd faze_________==dead at start

Jimin______________black dagger girl

Hanchul____________Other Guy

Kangmin____________Paliden Healer


Faimly of Father, Mother, and 1 daughter?__________________==dead

Hyunjin____________ Telepathic leader?

===Central Island=== (1912 participants >>> 1300 day 20 >>> 600)

Yerin______________The older sister of Jimin, clan master

Taejin, Mihee________ clan lords who survived

Guktae____________ one of the twelve clan Lords (fake lord)_____==dead

Sunghoon__________Guard of Guktae____________________ ==dead

Gukjin_____________A-hole, whent into dungeon

Taehee____________ girl, clan-less leader

Hyunwoo____________guy, clan-less leader (actualy from DML)___ ==dead


Wongyung__________ Dark Mad Lord_____________________==dead(resurrected)

Changhee__________ Girlfriend of Dark Mad Lord____________==dead

Suhan______________one of 3 strongest and leader of team of 10

Chulman____________group member

Suhee______________Chulman's daughter

Youngjae____________guy who attacked group, (Mc's fake name)

Minhee,____________Girl from DML clan____________________ ==dead

Mijee______________one of 3 strongest in team of 10

Chungjae___________Mc's new fake name

Gyungmi____________Girl lord only has 9 followers, has 6th sense

===Red Zone==========================================================================

Yohan______________guy on ship

===<Helper> clan===

Eres Valentine_______Helper clan leader

steady backbone of the clan, Kyle Cooper. Baek Jongsang. Arc Mariangt (3 of the  7 departed souls)

???______________guy with blue eyes from cross

Camille Rowe_______Strong girl hunting Calamity Fish

Enbi Arin__________phco girl, who he was going to recruit as a Punisher in the Orange Zone

Sofía Vargera_______Friend of Camille <Library> one of the Seven Departed Souls, One of the final 100

Miyamoto Junichi.____Leader of the Seven Departed Souls__________==dead

Kyle Cooper._______of the Seven Departed Souls________________==sub of Sangjin

Baek Jongsang._____of the Seven Departed Souls, 2nd strongest (with Gwanje)

Arc Mariangt._______of the Seven Departed Souls________________==sub of Sangjin_______Stronger girl

Yoruba.___________of the Seven Departed Souls________________==sub of Sangjin

Tina Charliz________of the Seven Departed Souls________________==sub of Sangjin

Kang Gyesoo______Hunted the fish at one point, now a believer (Quadratus) ==dead

Kalz Morenn_______leader of <lighthouse>?______________________ ==dead

Ailen____________ 1st year Strong in <lighthouse>

Lark,____________ the captain of the shock troopers of the seventh root__==dead

Kyle_____________ Guy sent to attack newbies____________________==dead

Amil Stadan,_________from one of the Six Pillars <Hecarim>

Michael Christopher_____Actual Patriarch of <lighthouse>

Liu Hong____________ Guy in <lighthouse> also in root-worm

Tekilon(Original)_______The Calimity creator, (the Fallen One) <Akarons>

Tekilon______________The Clone of the Calimity creator, (the Fallen One)

Akuma______________5th Calimity (incomplete)__________________ ==dead

Gichul_______________Patriarch of Helper,

Jukma_______________Patirarch, going against Mc with Leader of 7 departed souls

===Orange Zone===========================================================================

<Cross clan>_______The strongest (Enbi Arin's & Keldian's)__________6 Margoth level

<Reroreore clan>_____top 2 strongest clans,_____________________4-4 Margoth level

<Crown clan>_______top 3 strongest,_________________________7-4 Margoth level

<Unity clan>________ Clan Created by Mc, spread rapidly

Kim Gwanje________ Master of <Rerorerore>, has body enhance

Ken,______________Guy they dragged along from <Rerorerore>

Kale Dawson________5th year, Horny Mad Dog,_________________==dead

Tares______________Guy helping free prizoners

Mirian_______________Girl Trator___________________________==dead

Bali Roper__________male <Crown Clan> fighting <Akaron>_______==dead

Bart Rien___________Baladi level in <Crown Clan>______________==Sent slave

Gordon____________ Ursa Major of the <Rerorerore> clan (1 of 7)___ ==dead?

Mihyang____________Wife of <Kim Gwanje> captured

Akaella_____________Ursa Major Bitch <Covenant> trait__________==Sent slave

Altarim and Starring_____Other Ursa Majors <Rerorerore>__________==Sent slave

Kanch______________captain of shock troopers <Rerorerore>

Akol_______________Guy with 30 followers?__________________==dead

Karlet______________Enbi Arin’s comrade

Ariel_______________girl leader of <Okonelly> (top 6 clans)

Tiradus_______________the steel angel (Monster)_______________==dead

Jennifer_______________girl from <Okonelly>

Akon________________New leader of <Okonelly>______________==dead

Jichan_______________Random dude almost eaten

Rong Wian__________scouts cap. <Rerorerore> planning_________==dead

Mekong____________<Okonelly> captain,____________________==dead

Matel______________another captain_______________________ ==dead

Karen_____________ Girl unhappy with <Unity> evilish___________==dead

Epitros_____________Guy Also Unhappy with <Unity>____________==dead

Galkima____________Member of <Dark Cloud> race_____________==dead

===<Akaron> from Orange===

Ailen_______________Girl in jail from Ontarim Tribe

Ontarim Tan Akam_____The patriarch of the Ontarim Tribe_________==dead

Oteon_______________the priestess of Akaron

Elkadion____________ <Akaron> 1st Seed____________________==dead(Revived in Taruhol)

Taruhol______________the first pillar, has Crown of Thorns

<Lazar>_____________ the White Lion Holy Land

Karbana______________Akaron previous Great Priest (evil)_______==dead

Great Patriach Mekido___ Lead Great vicories during 2nd War_______==dead

.===Yellow Zone=== (147 Villages)==================================Edit

<Usas>____________The Great Jungle

Altair______________Girl Has Trait

Hantae____________ Guy Asshole_______________________==dead

Elis_______________Girl under Altair (captured)

???_______________ Woman with Scars and blue light

Kali-Crown__________ Tiger controlled by Black Cloud__________==dismissed

Karim,_______________captain of the guards (in village longest)__ ==dead

Hellum______________Oasis Guard in charge of newbies_______==dead

Keron_______________Hunter guy, lost to Mc, 1st Area__________==dead

Minchul_______________Other Hunter (1 of Final Br.)

Sebastienne__________ Blond Woman, 1st Area

Etianon_______________1st Area Hunter____________________==dead

Dakidus_______________Guy fighting for Dakidus_____________ ==dead

Carlton_______________Guy fighting for Dakidus______________==dead

Mackill_______________Gril Leader of 200 people in hole

Akilen_______________Younger girl in the hole

Ekidu_______________Beautiful leader <White R. Demon Art>

Karhal______________1st Area leader <Quintuple Laser>

Marun_______________Archer A-hole <Snake’s Path>__________==dead

Mekill_______________Guy with Marun____________________ ==dead

Darlton_______________New Hunter "dog" with bow____________==dead

Merelin_______________Girl, in green road, has special Trait

Metion_______________Clementine’s underling's captain________ ==dead

Karon_______________ Metion's Underling__________________==dead?

Junghwan____________ Clementine’s underling, Mount Liang’s_____==dead

Epon_______________Traitor Captain______________________ ==dead?

Chen_______________Helpful Guy from Bird Cage

Tania_______________ Other Guy from Bird Cage

Angelina_______________Girl about to fight Rat-Gods

Kulkin_______________Guy angry about Sages <Katus>

Kaltus_______________Guy unhappy with <Unity>

===<Higher Beings>===

Dakidus______________Harvestor <Arucon>_________________==dead

Ortanion______________Defender <Arucon>_________________==dead

Merutt_______________Inspector <Arucon>_________________==dead

Akitrus_______________The Judge, <Arucon>_______________ ==dead

Mekmilan_____________Another Harvestor/Def. <Arukon>_______==dead

Dakemeia____________<Arukon>’s King (captured)____________==dead

Makeronia____________In Bird Cage, 3rd Generation <Rebeloong>__==dead

Kalipso_______________2nd Generation <Rebeloong>____________==dead


Kallum_______________<Rebeloong> 2nd in command,__________ ==dead

Pektoril_______________1st Generation <Akalachia>_____________ ==dead

Karioram______________one of the Akalachias_________________ ==dead

<Atillan>_______________the Satellight Fortress (Humans 106>10?)

<Garmeia>____________ Heavenly Siege Fortress, 

<Karmen>_____________ A Satellite Fortress created for the imperishable king,

<El-Tara>______________Monster Gaurd of <Garmeia>____________==dead


Karmen_______________"Higher Races" Creator, 60 year Sage King

Kel-Durin______________The general and royalty,_______________ ==dead 

Kan-Kun_______________rank 1 Sage________________________==dead

===Green Zone <Exodus>===================================================================

Keil and Korin Kingdoms

Bellum War Fort._________Mc's Starting point, hardest

<Scarlet Demons>_______The hunting group located at the top of the six grades, <Ant Eaters>, 15 master players

.==="Players"==== (Humans from Mc's Race)

Christopher____________Guy running

Gahee_______________Guy who got caught

Ellenoia_______________Girl running/scouting

Abanoph______________Guy, <Watchmen> from <Ant Tunnel>

Kamiyou______________<Ant Tunnel> leader, trait <Contract>

Einchel_______________Woman in <Ant Tunnel>

Jang Oh______________Shadow guy under Clementine

Mudusella_____________Female Ain with dark aura, Fire afinity, The Seer

Karakum______________Ain leading race into battle


[Hikikomaria]____________The party leader

[EclipticMania]__________ Guy who failed circle test

[Kameira]______________The female who had taken the test with him, 

Ragnarok______________top tier player, who was famous for his brute strength

Flame Warrior-V________ High level, <Anteaters>, real name: "Jungo"

Arirangcar____________ bug killer group, <Anteaters>

Sharon Stiller__________Girl leader of the Scarlet Demons, 

Olsen_______________ Vice-captain, of the Scarlet Demons

Kangmin______________member of the Scarlet Demons, 

Karax_______________ Guy chasing Einchel

Apocalypto____________Leader of 1 of 15 guilds

T.R.O.P______________Folower of Apocalypto 

Al-Kaeruda____________the leader of the 3rd Spirit Land platoon of the Hydros Clan


Moreum______________The NPC guard, 

Cykrus______________Great General, level 400_______==Keil Kingdom

Apsius_______________NPC under Cykrus,__________ ==Keil Kingdom

Dal-Taran.____________Great General,_______________==Korin kingdom

Arthus Krancheska_____ Vice-General, Level 330_______==Keil Kingdom

Akun_______________The leader of the angry spirits, 

Enoa_______________Gold Dragon Formation Leader___ ==Keil Kingdom

Constantine__________Little Dragon King_____________==Keil Kingdom King

Kalkom Amaderan_____vice captain of imperial guards_____==Empire

Tiamet Kratus_________Thousand-years-old warrior______==Empire

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