A very powerful Zero Numbering skill.

Description Edit

A skill that was created from compiling things a martial artist in a certain Zone had comprehended right before death. The skill puts both one's body and one's mana under strain. It is a vicious skill that would kill the user if they couldn't fulfill its strict requirements.

An ultimate one-shot one-kill type skill. A single strike of ultimate destruction that cannot be dodged or blocked. It is more destructive than the 5th rank Solo Numbering skill Seven Strands Spear, the previous most destructive skill known to humanity. Using the Nine Dragons Spear once raised its mastery to 6.1%.

Hansoo obtains the skill in the Yellow Zone as a reward from the Fairy for "killing" the Gael-tara, Karmen's personal Satellite Fortress which transformed into a giant monster.

Abilities Edit

The Nine Dragons Spear creates nine dragons using mana. The dragons sweeps past the user's heart and rolls around the body, gets sent out of one's hand and coils up an artifact. The skill forcibly squeezes out the mana of the user and causes one's body to forcefully twist and break. When the nine Mana dragons of different colors collect on the tip of the weapon, it forms a tiny black marble that shoots out at the speed of light to pierce the enemy. This tiny black marble leaves behind damage tens of meters wide. As the mastery of the skill Nine Dragons Spear increases the size of the marble increases as well. If the first time he used all nine dragons while mastery was at 0% was the size of a marble, the second time he used the skill while mastery was at 10% it was the size of a fist.

The skill has a huge drawback as it can kill the user if the user doesn't have the requirement to use it. Hansoo was left unconscious for 3 days with only 10% of his original strength after using the skill once, even with the Body Enhancement Surgery, Demonic Dragon Reinforcement, Racial Metamorphosis giving him 3 hearts, Dragon Essence Blade, and the Mana Jade. His muscles, bones and joints, veins, spine, his entire body was disfigured.

Hansoo, with his Seven Stars trait, was able to forcibly weaken the skill so that it can only summon 2 dragons. Although its power is greatly weakened, it is still a destructive skill. Hansoo focuses his entire mana and mental strength to control the Nine Dragons Spear and suppresses the skill from creating a third dragon while controlling the 2 dragons to follow his will. The lesser version of the skill does not increase the mastery of the skill all that much.

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