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The Seven Legacies Edit

The Otherworld is made up of 7 world, starting from the Red Zone and ending with the Purple Zone.

Each Zone has a legacy that was left behind by the fallen races.

Kang Hansoo's goal is to obtain their legacy in order to strengthen Humanity.

Red Zone - World Tree Edit


A depiction of the World Tree.

The Elvenheim, the past natives of the Red Zone, created the Divine Stone and <World Tree> and unified their entire race. The Divine Stone powers the World Tree. The branches and leaves allows for teleportation. The fruits stimulates growth hormones and greatly shortens the time needed to reach adulthood. The roots sucks up toxic water, purifies it, and supplies endless nutritional fluids to eat.

Only one race can receive the protection of the <World Tree> at a time. Once a race starts receiving the protection of the <World Tree>, all other races will be treated as foreign objects and get thrown out into the void by the <World Tree>. Tekilon, an Akaron who transported his soul into the body of the future Elvenheim King, created the Five Calamities to weaken the <World Tree> and to destroy or exile the Elvenheims in order to monopolize the protection for his race living in the Orange Zone.

The <World Tree> was revived by Kang Hansoo and has granted protection to the Human Race. The Red Zone becomes the <Barracks> to provide a "new Earth" and prepare incoming humans, while training and multiplying existing ones. The <Barracks> purpose is to create an end result of billions of soldiers.

Orange Zone - Body Enhancement Surgery Edit

The Akarons, the natives of the Orange Zone, created the <Body Enhancement Surgery> and unified their entire race. The surgery is genetic engineering that uses the genes of the Gragos, creatures that are able to bathe in and drink lava, to strengthen stamina, enhance a person's body, increase their longevity, lessen the amount they need to eat, and increase one's battle powers by a huge amount.

A depiction of the Body Enhancement Surgery.

The surgery pulls the essence from the body of the Gragos and integrates it into one's body. The person undergoing the surgery is submerged in a tank of silver liquid metal that changes one's entire body step by step. Protein-based muscle is replaced with liquid-metal-based muscle. The surgery has the option of increasing one's height and muscle appearance. It is not something anyone can receive however. Receiving the surgery is only possible if one has the physical basis that can support it, else their body will blow up.

If a person emerges before the surgery is completed, the body will activate the defense system and attack the unsettled liquid metal within one's body. This cases excruciating pain.

The surgery provides the user powerful strength and limitless stamina but this is all secondary. The primary purpose of the surgery is the regeneration boost that allows one to heal even fatal injuries, just as long as the person is still alive. The silver liquid that runs around one's body allows one to regenerate at a rate tens of times faster than normal. The silver liquid metal can reattach missing limbs and even knit up a person's lower half if it is cut off - as long as the person can pull himself together quickly enough.

Humanity gains access to the <Body Enhancement Surgery> from the Akarons in the Orange Zone. With this surgery, humans can gain a body that can survive the dangerous environments that exist in the Abyss without wasting mana on skills to combat the elements.

Yellow Zone - Mana Pool Surgery Edit

The Sages, the natives of the Yellow Zone, created the <Mana Pool Surgery>. This surgery creates and places an organ called <Mana Pool> into the body of a person which gives the person an amount of mana "as large as the oceans". It allows the person to use mana "non-stop like monsters for days", and increase the original mana capacity by a few times more. The Satellite Fortresses have a system inside its body that can implant the <Mana Pool>.

Tenketsu Chakra

A depiction of the Mana Pool organ circulating mana around the body.

The requirement to receive this surgery is to have a body similar to the Sages. Humans have a similar body to the Sages so humans are able to receive the surgery without any issue.

Hansoo received the Mana Jade instead of a <Mana Pool Surgery>, which were both created by Karmen, the ex-king of the Sages. Where a Mana Pool is like a pool-like system, the Mana Jade works like a small mana-engine version of the satellite fortresses.

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