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The trait Seven stars is a trait which limits the user to 7 skills but allows the user to quickly grow his skill proficiency* and even evolve the skills.

The trait was named by Eres after seeing his peculiar characteristic. A characteristic that allowed him to catch up to Kangtae, Keldian, Eres and stand shoulder to shoulder with them despite starting 20 years late.

Hansoo shows an evolution of his skill <Pandemic Blade> in chapter 169.

And Hansoo’s speciality was related to this.
If he learns a skill then he receives the intentions and experiences of the creator or the user of that skill and assimilates it.
He can understand the skill better than anyone, increase the mastery of the skill quickly and become closer than anyone else to the one who has mastered it before.[1]

*In chapter 152, Hansoo mentions the normal rate of mastery for a skill. Normal skills would take around 3 years to reach complete mastery. Hansoo, using Seven Stars, is able to improve his Demonic Dragon Reinforcement to 43.5% in 4 months. In fact, a normal skill should take 15 months to reach 40%, and this skill should take even longer due to its strength. Stronger skills would take longer to improve mastery. Edit

Known Users Edit

  1. Chapter 68

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