The Dark Lord and Right Hand of Clementine.

Bio Edit

Shin Taehee, the right-hand to Clementine. Currently pretending to be weak while in the presence of Eres, Keldian and Kangtae in the Indigo Zone. They are just going up to the Violet Zone.

She has the trait <Fragments of Seven Souls> and controls 7 Dark Lords who are the strongest subordinates of Clementine (8 including herself). He has learnt strong skills that can then be shared with all 7 dark lords under her through the soul fragments.

Trait Edit

Fragments of Seven Souls

Skills Edit

She has learnt many double and triple numbering skills and a few solo numberings.

  1. Steel Lord - Solo numbering 4
  2. Seven Strands Spear - Solo numbering 5
  3. God's Right Hand - Double numbering 11

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