Green Zone Edit

Chapter 217 - 232 Edit

The Green Zone is a MMORPG world. Hansoo must choose a starting point and will have to travel across the Green Zone to a matching endpoint. There he can "log out" and go to the next (Blue) zone. The problem is that other players can die and revive, but Hansoo and the other humans will die permanently if killed. Other players perceive them as "bug characters" that can be killed without any punishments and will drop amazing artifacts. So they must survive the Green Zone while being hunted by all the (millions of) players.

Hansoo chooses to start at Bellum War Fortress to find a secret artifact in a nearby dungeon, "The Great Maze of the Ains". There, in the 4th level, he can find Solo numbering 3 Artifact <God's Flail>. After he gets that, he will go down to a secret area in the 5th level that no one has found at this time. To do that, he takes a skull on the first floor, when another player makes a scene by reactivating a red gem. A few things happen when the red gem activates; undead start attacking from everywhere, the maze is closed down, and a nearby kingdom starts to prepare for war against the Bellum War Fortress. Hansoo ignores all these and takes the skull and heads down.

Along the way, he meets up with other humans who he brings along with him, and gets found out as a "bug player" and is put on a blacklist by the bug-player-hunting-clan <Ant Eaters>. Once on the blacklist, all players in the game will attack him, thinking he is a bug player and he can never be safe again.

In the dungeon, one of the players turns out to be a disguised human. After Hansoo lets him go free, he comes back and invites Hansoo to the secret human village, <Ant Tunnels>.

Chapter 233 - 240 Edit

Hansoo meets the leader of the Ant Tunnels, <Kamiyou>, who has met the Prophet of the Ains. He therefore knows a bit of the Ains' history and guesses that Hansoo is here to break the cursed seal that suppresses the Ains. He agrees to help Hansoo and tries to convince the whole village to follow Hansoo as well.

During this time, the Scarlet Demons come into the maze to hunt Hansoo. They are considered the strongest of the bug player killers, all at level 250 (max), and 2 of them have weapons enhanced by S-rank Spirit Stones. It turns out that they had forced Kamiyou to create the Ant Tunnels and collect bug players for them, with the condition that only 10% would be killed every year. They therefore easily find the hidden village and start killing everyone. Hansoo holds them off while the rest go to the hidden seal. Hansoo manages to kill 10 of their strongest members and joins the rest of the village at the cursed seal. He is unable to stop either the mana or the seal itself, so instead he chooses to remove the item that binds it all together. This item is <God's Flail>.

Chapter 241 - 258 Edit

God's Flail puts Hansoo through a test to determine his worthiness. He passes and gets the help of 66,666 souls which he has to absorb. He uses it to easily defeat the Scarlet Demons, and the humans use this opportunity to hunt the rest of the players in the dungeon. Thus they all level up quickly and get strong items. The Ain Prophet appears and allies herself with Hansoo, but then <Arthus Krancheska> comes to retrieve God's Flail.

Hansoo tells the humans to carry out a certain mission while he and the Ain Prophet distract Arthus and later defeat him through the use of his new skill <Physical Resistance Nullification>, which is the 5th skill of Nurmaha's Ring.

Chapter 259 - 264 Edit

The humans head to the War Fortress while Hansoo calls up the humans from the Yellow Zone. They meet up at the War Fortress and band together. Hansoo told all of them to take control of the Golden Dragon Formation which controls all the mana from the dungeon node. Hansoo and the Ain prophet finish their fight with Arthus and proceed to the War Fortress to help out. Eloa, who was left in charge of the Formation, realizes she can't defeat them and uses her ultimate defensive skill to cover the entire formation forcing Hansoo to use the full Nine Dragons Spear. Before Hansoo could take control of the formation, Clementine's underling with the dark aura summons an extremely strong person by using some yet to be known favor. This person is Tiamet Kratus, who is the strongest person in the empire and has lived for a thousand years. He attempts to kill Hansoo through a small dimensional portal only large enough for his finger due to being unable to leave the White Dragon Arena, but the Ain Prophet, Mudusella, manages to close his portal. At the same time, she gives the Ain's blessing to Hansoo (as a symbol on his chest) and teleports him to the Spirit Lands.

Chapter 265-274 Edit

Hansoo figures out he is supposed to cross the mountain range. He follows the symbol on his chest for 3 days while fighting through the beasts and players in the Spirit Lands. He finally finds something underneath the ice but is surrounded by the players who are chasing him. He uses the Nine Dragons Spear to blast a hole into the ground and found something buried. He goes through the walls using Nurmaha's Ring and realizes it is a large spaceship that has been buried for a long time. He hopes to find a proper spirit in here and not just a spirit stone. The players try to follow him but are repelled by the spaceship walls.

Jang Oh teleports over at the command of Tiamet Kratus and is ordered to kill Hansoo. They fight and more things are revealed about Jang Oh's back story. Jang Oh is one of Clementine's Dark Lords who stayed back in the Green Zone. Clementine came to an agreement with Tiamet that she would control and limit the movements of the humans in return for allowing her people to go safely from a certain login zone to the logout zone at the capital. Tiamet agreed since he feared that the humans would cross the mountain range and find something there that he wished to stay hidden. Jang Oh then started the Anteater Clan with the purpose of killing off bug players (humans) that were not on Clementine's side.

Jang Oh used his spirit of darkness to fight Hansoo but started losing. Taehee took over his body and wanted to talk to Hansoo but Hansoo just started fighting her. Hansoo manages to defeat him/her and Jang Oh runs away, but meanwhile a player has activated the ship's engine. Hansoo finds out that the Ain's blessing that Mudusella gave him actually has administrator privileges and can control the spaceship.

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