A man who lived for over a thousand years and protected the Empire in the Green Zone. He roots himself in the White Dragon Arena in order to gain power and surpass the limits of the world.

Bio Edit

Tiamet is the strongest being in the Green Zone and is considered by Hansoo to be as strong as an Abyss being, albeit the weakest one.

1000 years ago, Tiamet sealed the Ains and suppressed the citizens by creating the Empire and the Kingdoms.

When the adventurers were transported to the Otherworld and eventually reached the Green Zone, Tiamet discovered them and proceeded to use the ones he found to bait the others and kill them. He met Clementine during this time and the two made a contract with each other that allowed for Clementine's member to safely pass through the Green Zone and made it easier for Tiamet to control everyone in the world.

Tiamet doesn't want anyone to go past the mountain range located to the north past the Spirit Lands.

Tiamet removes things he doesn't like and moved according to what he wanted. He enjoys playing around after

Powers and Abilities Edit

Tiamet holds one of the three godly weapons of the Empire, Rangkom's Stake.

Tiamet created the White Dragon Arena to collect the energy from a mana node and carefully absorbed that strength through Rangkom's Stake. And whilst he collcted this strength carefully within his body he used the White Dragon Arena and Rangkom's Stake to suppress it since it would all go to waste if this strength went crazy before he made his way to break the wall and become a Transcendent. After 1000 years, Tiamet who've already became the strongest being in the world was about to break out of the White Dragon Arena and become true legendary Dragon before Hansoo arrived.

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