Traits are special hidden abilities or skills that a few people have.

General Edit

For humans, these abilities lie dormant due to being present in a manaless or ki-less world such as Earth. Upon traversing to a mana or ki filled world, such as the Otherworld, these abilities are awakened.

People who have a very good personal trait shows faster rate of growth than others if they are able to survive the start of the Otherworld. It is possible for a few to be able to awaken more than one trait. The Three Gates in the Tutorial gives a reward of <Trait Granting> when one reaches the First Gate.

A large variety of traits exist and very dangerous traits exist among those as well. Traits are can be separated into types such as Omniscient type or Battle-related type.

List of Traits: Edit

Control-Type: Edit

Omniscient-Type: Edit

Others: Edit

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